Café Obskur - Ein interaktiver Online-Comic

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Translations of German button labels

I regret that there is no English language version of the German Café Obskur user interface yet. To make it easier to use it here is a small list of translations of the most important button labels (in alphabetical order):

  • Abbrechen: Cancel
  • Bitte geben Sie hier Ihren (Nick-)Namen ein: Please enter your (Nick-)name
  • Fertig: Done
  • Hauptmenü : Main menu
  • Neues Panel hinzufügen: Add new panel
  • Neue Person: Add new person
  • Neue Sprechblase: Add new speech bubble
  • Person bewegen: Move current person
  • Person drehen: Rotate current person
  • Person löschen: Remove current person from panel
  • Panel speichern: Save panel
  • Person spiegeln: Mirror current person
  • Speichern: Save
  • Webcomic lesen: Read web comic
  • Zoom: Zoom current person