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13.06.06 21:11 Age: 12 yrs

Let's celebrate panel #400

Category: General

By: Henning

Thoughts on this tiny jubilee and who made it possible

Some say: Numbers aren't everything. Others would have waited for number 500, but in this case I think we have an extraordinary situation to celebrate right now.


Yesterday the 400th panel has been posted. Café Obskur exists for five years now, but in the beginning of 2006 we only had 181 panels. This means that more than half of all existing panels were posted within the last six months! This I find remarkable and - well - a bit obscure as the buttons to navigate through the panels of the online comic one by one were never meant to be used to skip through hundreds of panels.


It's no coincidence that we reached panel #400 now, and it's also not due to walk-in customers in the year of the FIFA world cup.


The reason is that Café Obskur is lucky enough to have gained two regular and reliable visitors. No bribery was necessary to keep these guests. einefremde and asoul were happy to spend a lot of time on creating panels even without promising them to warm up their coffee again. Thank you two for your great support! May Café Obskur be your favourite caffeine refill institution for a long time.


But all you newcomers and walk-in customers - of course you are very much invited too to contribute to the online comic and be part a very vivid phase of Café Obskur.


As a little surprise that goes along with this jubilee I would like to announce: The news messages of Café Obskur will be available as an RSS Feed soon - available in English and German. This enables you to subscribe to the news postings (for free of course) and stay informed.

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