Café Obskur - Ein interaktiver Online-Comic

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Note for English language visitors

We made an effort to offer you as much content of this website as possible in English language. Still, most of the comic panels are only available in German language. Most of the word ballon contents were created in German language by German users, and there are no plans to translate those contents, simply for reasons of time. We apologize for that and hope that you still find it entertaining to be our guest at Café Obskur.

Are you in a reading mood?

This café wouldn't be called obscure ("obskur") if there weren't more than one ways to read this Online-Comic-Jam. Please make up your mind, how and what you want to read:

Here we show you the latest 10 panels. This list will autmatically be updated as soon as a new panel was submitted.

Our regular members have chosen their favourite panel sequences from the whole Online Comic Jam and provided them with some nice titles. More than 70 short and long sequences were suggested for this collection! Those Highlights are now available as indpedent online comics.

From the first to the last panel - you can find each and every panel since 2001 in the Chronological Gallery  . The gallery is divided into four sections: